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Catch up with our student-hosted radio shows!

Shows air weekly!

Times, dates and descriptions are listed below!

Radio Shows

The Mikayla and Lucia Show

Airs Tuesday at 6:00pm

Hosted by Mikayla Powell & Lucia Flaumenhaft

The Kettle

Airs Monday at 8:00pm

Hosted by Samar El-Taha

Ev's Earworms

Airs Tuesday at 10:00am

Hosted by Evelyn O’Kane

Alisinful Audio

Airs Tuesday at 3:00pm

Hosted by Alison Birkitt


Ak Echos

Airs Tuesday at 4:00pm

Do you ever feel like you're the main character in your own movie? Tune into Ak's Echo to feel the enhanced sense of what living in a movie can really feel like. With a unique broadcast each week, the station will be playing old and new music from all genres, enhasing your daily life with the soundtrack to your own movie. 

Hosted by Ava Katz


Renaissance Woman

Airs Tuesday at 5:00pm

Music, fashion, pop culture, and more--Talking multi-talented women who are changing the world with their art and influence! And hey, maybe you'll discover the modern-day renaissance woman within yourself.

Hosted by Sinéad Quinn

Music on Mars!

Airs Tuesday at 6:00pm

Hosted by Mariel Balderrama

The Jude Tumminello Show

Airs Tuesday at 7:00pm

Hosted by Jude Tumminello

The Cat’s Pajamas

Airs Wednesday at 8:00pm

Hosted by Anni Simila, Alison Bessette

The Apocalypse

Airs Wednesday at 7:00pm

Hosted by Genevieve Hyland and Isabella Correa

The Morning Energizer

Airs Thursday at 9:00am

To get you through the sleepiest morning of the week, tune into The Morning Energizer with Charly Peter! With a new mix of hyperpop, emo, and anything upbeat every week, The Morning Energizer is sure to give you a boost to get your day started right!

Hosted by Charly Peter


Peyton's Playlist

Airs Thursdays at 5:00pm

Peyton's Playlist is a mashup of genres and vibes, from oldies soft rock to alternative to bedroom pop and folk. Some regular artists may include (but aren't limited to) Mac DeMarco, Fleetwood Mac, Father John Misty, Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey and Alex G. Tune in if you need study music, some new tunes, or just to vibe. Airs weekly on Thursdays, 5:30-6:30.

Hosted by Peyton Spahr

The Greenhouse

Airs Thursday at 6:00pm

Tune into The Greenhouse, hosted by recovering emo kid Mickey, for some chilled-out music to enhance your studying. I deliver good vibes in many forms, from upbeat pop bangers to downer indie ballads to entertaining renditions of our radio PSAs instead of ads. Take a listen if you like learning the background behind your favorite pieces of alternative music, or if you simply have nothing better to do with your Monday evening, because neither do I.

Hosted by Mickey McDonald

Are You Experinced 2.jpg


Airs Thursdays at 7:00pm

No Static At All is the radio show where the only limits are your imagination. Sometimes the music played in certain episodes will focus on a certain theme (Album Openers, Live Cuts, Samples, etc.), and sometimes Michael and John just play whatever’s been stuck in their head all week.

Hosted by John Morris and Michael Kanyongolo


Airs Thursdays at 8:00pm

Hosted by Molly Haller and Delia O'Toole


EEE (Triple E)

Airs Friday at 11:30am

What is EEE? A general purpose solution to all problems. A queering to the power of three amplified by the power of radio. An hour of fun and music. A general purpose solution to all problems. A queering to the power of three amplified by the power of radio. An hour of fun and music. Are you getting it? It's all EEE and it's right here on WCCS.

and Ella Sandford

Hosted by Elsie Carson, Emmett Anderson,

Wheaton's Shoebox

Airs Friday at 12:30pm

Hosted by Casey Drury & Darcy Adler


Talk Your Shh

Airs Friday at 2:00pm

A show to speak your mind.

Hosted by Ka-Niesa Anderson, Jada Asapokhai, and Matt Valez

Liner Notes

Airs Saturdays at 7:00pm

Hosted by Jackson Neves


Homeward Bound

Airs Saturdays at 1:00pm

Music to either make you homesick or cure it, we don't know either. Ranging from dad rock that my parents play to modern folk that I always listen to on flights. 

Hosted by Joy Schmutz


Hey There, Folks!

Airs Saturdays at 2:30pm

Hey There, Folks: the radio show where we sometimes play folk music.

Hosted by Tyler Thoms


A Little Bit of Everything

Airs Saturdays at 6:00pm

A collage of different things. Some shows will be music, some will be more like a talk show, and others will be more like a podcast. I may have a guest or I may not. So you will just have to tune in to see what each show is.

Hosted by Liz Gilbert


Reese's Radio

Airs Sundays at 3:00pm

A fun mix of different genres and tunes that mean something to Reese! (However, you should expect a lot of indie pop...)

Hosted by Reese Hartmann

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